Friday, September 28, 2007

A gruesome killing. A life gone to pot.

Today was a day of gruesome killing. As i was looking at his face while my knife is on his neck, i feel a kind of sadness overcome me. Thats because i know i will have to chop his head off. Feeling guilty, I cover his head with a white cloth so that i dont have to look at his expression. As i whack once the blood splash out and hit my face... however the neck did not severe.... and so i try to zik zak the knife on the neck to finish the job. As the head loosen, i looses my innocence as well. I proceed to do the same thing to the rest of its body. Chop! Chop! Whack! Whack! Zig Zag! *Bone breaking*! The feet come off next, then i cut him into 2 and then the hand are next. Blood splashes here and there and i begin to smell like him... to complete my ordeal, i chop of its finger nail... the finger nail is so small that it flew all over the place. It took me one hour to complete this task.

This is the faithful day in which i will not be the same again. This is the day that i slaughter a chicken for the first time in my life. And its a really smelly experience while at it~! Ok... so i dono whether its a him/her... haha its just added effect... Since i dont have a big chopping knife, i have a hard time completing the task. But its worth it as the curry i cook with it taste excellent!

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