Friday, September 28, 2007

Kuih: Malacca/Melaka Kuih

Picture: Kuih Melaka (Malay food)

5 pandan leaves - to create about 3/4 cup of pandan juice
6 ounch of Glutinous rice floor
1 bowl of gula melaka
2 teaspoon of brown/white sugar - to taste
1 1/4 of grated coconut (when shop for it can buy in half amount. so buy 1 1/2)

Picture: Ingredient

Pre-making the dough
- Wash, cut the pandan leaves into 5 cm and blend it (like fruit juice)
Picture: blend the pandan leaves

Making the dough
- Mix the flour with pandan juice. Create a well in the centre then pour the juice slowly in. Dont pour the whole cup in one shot. Pour a bit then mix then pour a bit then mix till forming a dough.
Picture: Dough

-Knead the dough till its soft/put in fridge for few hours if u are not going to eat it immediately. If put in fridge, take it out then mix with about 1 or 2 spoon of water.
-Cut the gula melaka in downward motion and chop to tiny pcs. Mix with brown sugar or white sugar.

Picture: Cutting the gula mlk

Picture: Gula Melaka and brown sugar

-Take about 1 tsp/bigger dough then roll into a ball.
-Flatten the ball to put the gula mlk filling inside. Tip: when flatten the ball, must flatten in such a way that the bottom part is thick and the side are thin. else the ball will break. Try to place the dough on ur finger instead of ur palm and create a shape like a cup. Fill too much the ball will break and too little then wont be tat tasty. The ball will be sticky after that so try to dump the ball into a pot of water to cook/put the flour on the plate before u place the ball again.
Picture: Roll into ball

-Fill a pot of water and make it boil. Dump the ball inside. When it float wait for a few minute before taking it out.

Picture: Cooking the kuih

-Use a flat sieve to take out the ball and place it on the coconut (first we must steam the coconut so that the kuih will be more lasting)

Picture: Roll the kuih over the santan

-Place the kuih on plate and ready to serve~~@@!!


bubu said...

I'd like to suggest that u change "rice flour" to "glutinous rice flour" or tepung pulut because "rice flour" may be misunderstood as tepung beras. :)

Yvonnelew said...

ok bubu..thanks!!


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