Friday, September 28, 2007

Recipe: Curry chicken/pork

Picture: Curry Chicken/ Pork

6 Small onion - cut into tiny pcs
belacan from penang
3/4 Curry leaf
small amount Cintan manis + 3 pcs of cintan kayu (optional)
1 spoon Cili powder
Curry meat + chicken powder
Santan powder half pack
About 1 Chicken
4-6 Potato
2 spoon salt, very tiny amt of ajinamoto

Cooking: medium fire
- Put oil in kuali
- Put onion + belacan + curry leaf + serai + cintan manis + cintan kayu - stir fry
(if its pork curry - add garlic. if chicken - no garlic)
- Put the cili powder (small amount) - teaspoon
- Put the curry powder - few spoon full
it will burn quickly after put the powder. so off the fire first then dump the chicken and potato then on big fire again.
- Put the chicken + potato (stir fry. to make sure that the curry powder is enuf, make sure the chicken is a bit of curry powder color else add some more. if too much wont taste nice)


- Put the pork (front leg near shoulder and back - chu chang rao - sell in kg) + potato. the rest same as above.

- mix the whole thing
- add in a bowl of water until it some wat cover the chicken. stir it then cover it

Cover the kuali for 20 min - 30 min
(till the potato is soft - can know by poking the potato with the senduk...if can poke thru then its soft)
-big/medium fire. after 10 minute interval check the result as different gas stove has different kind of fire.... if fire strong then maybe water will dry up fast. if not enuf water then add in water.

meanwhile mix 2 teaspoon of santan (about half a packet), 2 spoon milk powder into bowl of water.

After the 20 min - big fire
- open the cover.
- add some salt and very little ajinamoto.
- taste the mixture to see whether adequate salt

But the bowl of mix santan milk into kuali then stir until boiling - abt 2-3 min
(santan cannot cook too long as it will turn into coconut oil)

- taste to see taste ok. if not enuf salt can add.

take it out and transfer to pot and ready to eat!!

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