Friday, September 28, 2007

Recipe: Fried Prawn

Picture: Fried prawn
-Self raising flour

Prepare the prawn- medium size prawn
Picture: Prawn with shell remove
-Take out the shell first except the tail
-wash the prawn (try not to wash too many times as the taste will be wash away too)
-Cut out its "intestine" on the top of the prawn and cut 3 tiny slices on the other side (purpose to cut 3 slices is so that the prawn will be straight when frying)
-Mix some sugar on prawn

Prepare the mixing
Picture: The thickness of mixing
-Mix the flour with water (Careful not to put too much water at one go. Mixing cannnot be too wet or to dry else the outcome of prawn is hard)

During frying - big or medium fire
-Dump the prawn except the tail into the mixing. then put the prawn into kuali.

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