Friday, September 28, 2007

Recipe: Lamb Chop

Picture: Lamp chop

Picture: How a nice lamb look like. Buy one with less fat. A good lamb has very little fat in the middle and more fat at the edge.

First defrost the lamb for about 2 hours

Second: marinate
pepper, soya sauce, ajinamoto

Third: fry meat

Picture: Frying the lamb
-put oil in
- put the lamb in and fry - turn it and make sure wont burn
- fry for about 20 min
- after cook then dish out. oil pour away

Fourth: prepare the sauce and fry

Picture: Preparing the sauce
- Oyster (1 spoon), water, sugar (1 tsp) - stir fry
- If want to add more water, the sauce will be watery. So in order to maintain the thickness, mix water and cornflour in a small bowl. Pour this mix bit by bit until desired thickness of sauce is achieve

Picture: Cornflour mix with water
- put the meat inside and stir fry till the sauce is soak into the meat
- take out and serve

Picture: Potato wedge. You can match lamb chop with potato wedge, salad and carrot.

This recipe also apply for the fry pork oyster (use mei roe/pork fillet)

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