Friday, September 28, 2007

Recipe: Mian Fen kao (Boil)

Picture: the soup is cook for each individual

Serving for 2
-Tepung gandum (wheat flour). 300gm are use. 150gm for each person.
-Ikan bilis
-Minch meat
-Cekor manis: a kind of vege. remember to wash it.

Picture: Cekor manis

Prepare dough
Picture: Wheat flour

Picture: Dough

-Put 300gm of tepung gandum onto plate
-1ts salt
-1 cup of water
-Mix and knead the dough
-Leave it for 30 min to let it rise a little

Boil ikan bilis stock

Picture: Boil Ikan bilis

Picture: how a good ikan bilis look like

-Peel ikan bilis (abt 1 handful)
-Put the ikan bilis into pot and add water
-Boil for half - 1 hr
-Purpose is to boil a ikan bilis stock

After half hour (dough)
-Take a portion of dough, roll into cylinder, pinch into balls, flatten and stretch it.

Picture: Pinch the dough

Picture: Make it into ball

Picture: Flatten and lengthen the ball

Boil water in kuali

Picture: Blanch the dough

-When water boil put the stretch dough into kuali and take it out 5 min later

When ready to eat (usually cook individually)

-Take out ikan bilis stock from big pot into small pot
-Add minch meat (cook for 5-10min)
-Add cekor manis
-Pour soup mixture into bowl of mian fen kao. Ready to eat~!!

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