Friday, September 28, 2007

Recipe: Potato chicken in oyster sauce

Tomato sauce, Oyster sauce and a bit of Cili sauce
Light and dark soya sauce
brown sugar

Chop the chicken into small pcs
Cut the potato into small pcs

2nd - Fry potato and chicken (fire: big - medium - big)
- Put oil in Kuali
- Fry the potato till yellow and take it out
- Fry the chicken for few minute.. till turn white then take it out
- take out the chicken and place it with the potato

3rd - Cook the sauce in kuali
- Put the following sauce in kuali and stir
oyster sauce (main ingredient so put more in proportion of other sauce)
tomato sauce (smaller proportion from oyster sauce)
cili sauce (put little bit)
black and light soya sauce
brown sugar - about 2 teaspoon

4th - put the chicken and potato back to kuali (together with sauce) and stir fry. take it out when sauce spread evenly.

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