Friday, September 28, 2007

Recipe: Roti jala

Serving for 2 - 3 person
Picture: Roti Jala with Curry Dahl

Picture: Ingredient, mould and measuring cup

Picture: flat kuali and palette knife

-1 cup/250 gm/1 china bowl of wheat flour
-1 egg
-2 tsp coconut powder + 2 tsp milk powder - put them into a bowl, add water and mix them
-1/2 tsp salt
-1 tsp tumeric (kunyit) powder - for taste + colouring purpose

-2 pandan leaf + 1 tsp oil - tie the pandan leaves into a knot then use it to grease the pan (pandan leaves optional)

-Roti jala mould
-Flat kuali/frying pan (flat kuali is preferred so that easier to fold)
-Palette knife: to fold the roti jala
-A bowl: to mix the ingredient.
-Measuring cup: measure flour (if u dont have it then fill up a china bowl with flour)
Tips: The above utensil will make ur job easier. Its alright if u dont have above utensils. U can use available utensils in ur kitchen. The mould can be bought in shop that sell baking utensils. If u cant buy the mould then try poking holes in tin can. Poke about 4/5 holes.

- In short, just mix all the ingredient together (except the oil and pandan leaf). Read on for detail info.
- Put the wheat flour, tumeric powder, salt into bowl and mix it.
- Create a well in the centre and add the egg and some coconut milk (dont pour one shot or else there will be clumps in the mixing). Stir the mixing. Slowly add the coconut milk and mix - beat the batter for 10 min till its smooth and bubbly.
-Cover with towel and leave the batter to stand for 20 min.
tips: if batter too thick can add water. If too thick then the roti jala wont be soft. However if too much water added will be too soft. If there is clump (clump happen when the wheat flour clump together and did not mix well with water) in the mixing then sieve it before cook.

Cooking (medium/small fire)
- Heat the flat kuali. Use the folded pandan leaves and grease the pan with oil. The use of pandan leaves will leave a nice aroma on the roti jala.
- Pour some batter on the roti jala mould and move it in a circular motion around the pan. Tip: dont raise mould too high/move too fast/too slow/dont fill in too much batter into mould. Best to transfer the batter into a cup. When cooking, pour the batter from cup to mould. when u have pour enough then u put the mould back into the cup. This is a way to control the amount of batter coming out.
- When it is cook use the palette knife to fold the lacy pancake into quarters.

To serve
- Personally i prefer eating roti jala with curry chicken but u can also match with other curry.

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