Friday, September 28, 2007

Recipe: spaghetti

learning to make spaghetti from a fren haha:

1) clean your pot and put enough water to soak the spagetti
2) add 2 spoonful cooking oil (this is to avoid the spagetti sticking each other)
3) add some salt (according to your taste)
4) add spagetti when the water is boil
5) let them boil for about 5-8 mins .. until it soften (you may take a few strip and try the texture)
6) slice onion into ring shape or cut into blocks and fry them (this is optional , because i like onions) , you may add garlic to make the taste better
7) add the tomato sauce into the pan together with the onions or garlic.. stir it
8) add any meat or tuna.. according to you liking

courtesy of Mr Chew

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