Friday, September 28, 2007

Recipe: Yam Cake (Fry and steam)

Picture: Yam cake

Picture: Ingredient
-Small Onion: 10pcs
-Dry prawn
-Big cili
-spring onion
-Flour: 2 cup rice flour, 1 cup sago, 1 ts spice powder

Pre-prepare Yam

Picture: Cut and gride the yam
- Wash yam throughly before removing the skin. After cutting cannot wash it (cos it will make the hand itchy if contact with water). If the yam/knife is dirty then wipe with cloth after cutting it.
-Then grid the yam into tiny pcs. if the last one cannot gride then cut into pcs

Small Onion
-Cut into small pcs

-Wash and soak the prawn for 15 min (dont throw away the water that are use to soak the prawn)
-Cut into tiny pcs


Picture: Tapioca starch

-Mix together: 2 cup rice flour, 1 cup sago flour, 1ts salt, 1ts 5 spice powder (buy in medicine shop), 4 cup water (same cup when take flour).

Red cili and spring onion
-Cut it as topping at the end

Prepare the steaming utensil before frying
-Oil the tray a little so that the mixture wont stick so much on the tray
-Steam the tray for 5 min

Frying: add oil in kuali
-Fry the small onion then take it out
-Fry the dry prawn then take out half
-Add in the yam and some small onion - fry 5 min
-Add in the flour mixture + the water from soaking the prawn

Picture: Frying

-Fry till the mixture look thick

-Pour the mixture from kuali to steaming tray for 40 min

After 40 min
-add in toppings: chop red cili, spring onion, fried onion, fried prawn

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