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Recipe: Yong ta fu

Picture: Yong ta fu


Picture: Minch pork
Ingredient for fish paste and yong ta fu (6 person):
Fish paste: Half ikan tenggiri [Kou (high) fish in chinese], 1 bowl sengkuang, 1 spoon corn flour, salt ajinamoto water (salt + aninamoto + water on small plate), some minch pork

Yong ta fu: 2 packet tofu (24 pcs), 8 ladies finger, 2 brinjal, fu cuk skin (the amount varies depend on how many ppl.)

Ingredient for soup:
A handfull of ikan bilis
leftover bone from ikan tenggiri
Some sengkuang and tong chai

Ingredient for mee:
bee hoon (qty depend on how many ppl)

Prepare the soup
- Heat a pot of water.
- Add ikan bilis and the fish bones after removing flesh

Prepare fish paste
In short, scoop and chop the fish. Mix together salt water, corn flour, sengkuang and minch meat. Look on for detail info. The key is to add water and throw it up and down so that its soft.

Picture: Fish

Ikan tenggiri. Wash the fish. Cut the top part of fish in slicing motion. Once the top part cut, take a spoon and scoop/scrap up flesh. Be careful to take out bone. Do the same to bottom. The bone, skin and head can use to for the soup.

Picture: Chop the fish
Next chop the fish further, take a spoon and add some salt water into fish. Purpose so that the salt will be more evenly spread and also the water use so that fish is soft.

Picture: add corn flour
Add a spoon of corn flour. Mix it evenly.

Picture: throw the fish up and down
Throw the fish in up and down motion so that fish is soft.

Picture: Minch meat and sengkuang added
Add minch meat and sengkuang. Mix together. Add some water in the fish is not soft enough. Purpose to add minch meat is to increase the quantity.

Prepare and fry yong ta fu
Picture: ladies finger and fried ta fu
After that stuff the mixture into ladies finger, tafu, fucuk skin, brinjol (cut them before filling them up). Fry everything except ladies finger. Put the ladies finger into pot of soup. Take it out after cook.

Prepare the bee hoon and vege

Picture: Mee hoon and vege
Blanch the mee and vege

Ready to eat~!!

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Hi, can you also show me how to make it dry with thick black sauce, I am really missing it..


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