Friday, September 28, 2007

Soup: Chinese Herb Chicken Soup (Slow cook)

-1st buy the Chinese herb at any Chinese medicine shop. Tell them that u want to slow cook ("dun tang") the chicken then they will select the herb for u. One packet with various soup ingredient is around RM6
-Preferable get the "cai yuan chicken" else can use farm chicken (but farm chicken got more fat so might be more tedious to remove fat). Cai yuan chicken is the farm chicken that are rare by roaming freely in the village. There is no injection on the chicken
-Crock pot, salt

Note: i learn about 4 type of chicken today.
1. Farm chicken - Rear in the farm. Its big. And they inject it so that it grow faster. Soft meat. Cost around RM8-RM11.
2. "Cai yuan" chicken - Its a farm chicken that roam freely in the village. No injection and it grow slower. Meat softness medium - between farm and kg chicken. The farm chicken that are bought today is RM16
3. Kampung chicken - Different bred from cai yuan chicken, usually rear by malays, slow to grow. more expensive than cai yuan chicken, harder meat.
4. Black chicken - are more nutritious than normal white chicken.

1. Wash the herb and chicken. Cut chicken into tiny pcs
2. Boil hot water.
3. Put the herb and chicken into the pot then pour the boiling water into it.
4. Let it cook for about 4-5 hours then put 1 tablespoon salt.

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