Friday, December 31, 2010

Food Review: Taste Bug's Restaurant and Cafe at KSL (My fav food part 5 JB)

Taste Bug's Restaurant and Cafe at KSL. Newly open this week! Just in time to countdown 2011!

KSL is a mega project consisting of shopping complex, condo, office and hotel. Currently they have open their shopping complex and the rest is still under construction. They have 8 Cinema theater, Karaoke by Kbox and Tesco (coming soon). The first week that i went there I notice that most of the eateries offers Hong Kong food and some fast food centers. I notice that there wasn't any western food eateries. I find it strange since it is a mega project catering to middle and upper income people. But just this week i notice this particular western restaurant/cafe open and I naturally made a "bee-line" towards it! And boy their food exceed my expectation! Their waiter/waitress are rather attentive too.

 Average western food that I ate feels like they are like a fast food centre. Just pop the chicken into the fryer and serve. No seasoning and taste like instant especially western restaurant chain store. 

However this restaurant are different! To me they offer quality food and I can taste their sauce are made from scratch. The main key is the western herb that they infuse into their food. I notice the green herb in almost all their dishes including the fried chicken (under finger food menu). The herbs are not overpowering and bring out the flavor of the food. Curious my friend and I complimented on the food and ask who is the chef and who is the owner. Apparently the chef (owner) just came back from UK and open the restaurant here. No wonder the food tasted delicious!

A Mushroom soup made from scratch! A must try! I scrap the mushroom soup to the last drop. Cost around RM8+

Fried chicken. Finger food but enough to share between 3 people. Cost around RM10

Spagetti (Tomato cili sauce). There is clams, cheese sprinkles and western herbs.  Forget the full name but I love this spagetti! I will definitely order again. Cost around RM15+

Spagetti (mushroom). Also forget this dish name. I prefer the tomato flavour spagetti but this also taste delicious. Suitable if you wanted something simple.

Their pizza taste amazing too~! Cost around RM13 plus. Forget the dish name again but there is tuna, vege and generous serving of cheese on very thin crust pizza (imagine indian style naan). There is 6 pieces but I think you can treat this pizza as a side dish and share with friends and family.

This one is Chocolate Fondant cost RM11.95. It is like a chocolate molten lava cake where chocolate syrup will ooze out when you cut the cake. The white topping are vanilla ice cream. Yummy and delicious cake prepared by the chef. The chocolate syrup is still warm and goes nicely with the ice cream. Great way to close the dinner! Next time i want to try their Mud Pie!

The dessert in the menu that they offer are also very attractive.  I am particularly attracted to their dessert when i first sat down! In fact dessert is always the page that I look at longest.

Their deco. Notice that it is actually spagetti and they are Disney characters? How cute is that!

My new toy: Lazy Suzy from Ikea!

My new toy bought from Ikea! Look like an ordinary piece of wood but it is actually a 15 inch Lazy Suzy! It can turn while decorating cake! Wheeee!~Fun!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking back 2010~!

This year i seems to have write quiet a few post and experimented a few dishes that i normally wont make. The scope is a little wide till I myself get confuse when people ask me what kind of food I know how to cook. So decide to recap here what i have done this year so far. A good way to see at a glance the food that i tried making and reviewed.

Food review in Johor Bahru
1. Kedai Makanan Seng Steam Fish Restaurant
2. Banafee 
3. Wan Tan Mee: Ho Seng Kee
4. Buying my first Abalone and Bird Nest
5. Baskin-Robbins 31% off on every 31st of the month
6. Burger Stall in front of City Square facing McDonald
7. Restoran Muthu
8. Kim Loong Restaurant 
9.  Meldrum Walk food stalls Part 1
10. Meldrum Walk food stalls Part 2

Food Review in Malacca
1. Nadeje
2. Klebang Coconut Shake
3. Sunset Retreat Restaurant

1. Burger!
2. Cheese cake
3. Banana Split
4. Mango Ice cream
5. Blackberry Ice cream
6. Strawberry Ice cream
7. Banana Ice cream
8. Hot Chocolate - Cadbury
9. Curry Chicken 
10. Instant Thosai
11. Vanilla Ice cream and Oreo Cookies (Philadelphia style)
12. Nasi Putih Ayam Kunyit
13. Green Tea Ice cream
14. Chicken Ponteh Recipe (Peranakan Food)
15. Sambal Sotong (Squid) and Sambal Udang (Prawn) Peranakan recipe
16. Dry Mee with poach egg recipe experiment! 
17. How to make yogurt
18. Dried Mee with Mince Meat Sauce
19. Kacang Cream Cake
20. Banana Cake
21. Banana muffin
22. How to poach egg
23. Chocolate ice cream
24. Mash Potato
25. Marathon cooking during my two day off! (Day 1 Oct 18)
26. Marathon cooking during my two day off! (Day 2 Oct 19)
27. Tom Yam
28. Mushroom soup
29. How to make a good Chicken stock?
30. Garlic Bread
31. Tuna Mayo Croissant bread
32. Oreo Ice Cream Cake
33. Apple Crumble Ice cream
34. Homemade Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Sugar!
35. Vanilla Ice cream recipe (cook custard base)
36. Super easy and quick fried rice recipe
37. Vanilla Rasberry Crunchie Ice Cream Recipe 

Kitchen appliance
1. Phillip ice cream maker
2. Daiso Shopping!
3. Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea and Daiso shopping in Singapore
4. Kitchen Spree in October  
5. Where to buy Matcha Green Tea Powder in Singapore? 


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